Natural Series | SERAPOOL

101 *With its different sizes, unique colors and creative designs, pool porcelain tile is elegant and pleasing to the eye. *By blending nature-inspired designs with vibrant colors, it adds a unique touch to pools. * Resistant to UV rays. Thus, it is not affected by the sun, and its colors do not fade or become dull. It maintains its eye-catching state for many years. For this reason, it is also ideal for outdoor spaces such as gardens and terraces. * With its original designs, it adds an eye-catching privilege to the pools and allows aesthetic applications suitable for all kinds of wishes and needs. * Provides the design of personalized and unique pools with countless products, colors and patterns. It offers the freedom to design the pools of their dreams by inspiring architects and interior designers. *One of the most important features of Serapool Porcelain pool tiles are its superior strength and durability performance. Thanks to these features, pool porcelain tiles It has high resistance against abrasion, scratch and impact. Therefore, there is no breakage or cracking in the products. *Not affected by hot and cold temperature changes; It is extremely resistant to rain, snow and frost. * Porcelain pool handles and stair treads have a long service life and high anti-slip. Thanks to its solid structure and non- slip surface, the risk of slipping and falling around the pool is prevented. *Internal and convex parts, known as edge and floor joints, are suitable for every pool model and shape. Thanks to the concave and convex parts, the risky situations that may occur at the pool sides and corners are eliminated. These pieces soften the sharp and pointed areas in the pool corners and prevent injuries. *Thanks to its 100% porcelain structure, porcelain pool tiles that prevent bacteria formation with its waterproof and stain-proof smooth surface are very hygienic. *Due to being pressed with high pressure, they do not form pores and do not contain microbes on the surface. *The sealing feature prevents the penetration of moisture into the tiles and prevents the formation of bacteria and dirt. *It is extremely easy to clean. * Resistant to high concentration chemicals used in the pool. Thus, it is used for many years without deteriorating its texture. Safe Serapool Porselen pool tiles; Hygienic Aesthetic